Project Highlights

With every project comes new and exciting challenges to push boundaries and explore new ideas.
Here’s a glimpse of work I’ve done in the past.


Capsul Jewelry

Capsul Jewelry makes premium custom jewelry using the latest 3D-printing technology, they aim to deliver the highest quality custom jewelry at an accessible price. I redesigned their entire ecommerce website including an improved customization experience, view the prototype on InVision.


Caesars Rewards

The Cesars Rewards is the rewards program where customers you earn credits on everything they do with Caesars Entertainment's resorts. I led design across iOS and Android platforms, see the promotion video we created for their leadership team.


Whole Foods Recipes

The Whole Foods Recipe app was a place where customers could explore recipes, plan their meals, build their shopping list, and find out information of their local Whole Foods. I led design across iOS and Android platforms for over a year working with the Whole Foods team to add new features.


Adult swim

Adult Swim is the adult-oriented nighttime programming block of the American children's pay television network Cartoon Network. I worked with the design team at Adult Swim to design out their new Bump Builder and Sync experience.



HomeAway is a vacation rental marketplace with more than 2,000,000 vacation rentals in 190 countries listed on its website. I worked with the Funsize team to concept an improved experience for managing and monitoring large property rentals.


COX 12

COX Communications approached Chaotic Moon change the way people find and consume news and information. The goal of 12 was to create a human-centered news platform that is curated by your top 12 friends, family, or trusted sources.



Marketvine came to Chaotic Moon with an idea of designing a better way for people to share their photos. Storyd allowed users to create a “story” that for a special event like a wedding, then other users on the platform could connect their stories creating a branch-like effect for others to explore.