Honest Dollar

Honest Dollar is a Goldman Sachs product focused on creating an accessible approach to retirement savings. The company launched with a vision of creating a path to retirement accessible enough that consumers can enroll and save using their smartphone.

Accomplice joined the Honest Dollar team at Goldman Sachs to help sharpen their solution for people most in need of a retirement savings plan. As the design lead, I managed a small team of designers and worked directly with the product manager at Honest Dollar to translate business objectives to design deliverables throughout our engagement.



Experience Design
Product Design
Responsive Web & iOS



Strategy & On-boarding

Honest Dollar’s focus was on increasing new customer acquisition. In order to do that, we needed to clarify their target market and understand how that market was responding to their existing product. We outlined key performance indicators for product and business success across their teams in order to mark performance and adoption, with room to iterate where necessary.

In an effort to improve customer acquisition, we tackled one of the biggest challenges Honest Dollar was facing by redesigning their on-boarding process from scratch. This went through many rounds of iterating, user testing, working with legal, and discussions with leadership before we landed on the optimal flow.

On-boarding Sign Up Flow - view the full file in Sketch Cloud.

On-boarding Sign Up Flow - view the full file in Sketch Cloud.


Voice & Style Guide

Establishing trust was our cornerstone of Honest Dollar’s brand voice and tone. We created a clean, modern design for their product that prioritized accessibility, used “real” language rather than financial jargon, and incorporated financial education into the workflow.

The product design focused on streamlined simplicity and clear displays of complicated financial data. Finances can feel overwhelming, so we focused on showing only the information needed for making decisions. Through this process we established a new style guide to be use across all Honest Dollar products.



Introducing Honest Dollar’s products to consumers in a comprehensive, accessible way helped them feel comfortable taking the next step to sign up. Video and motion graphics were simple to consume, and helped users understand which product offerings were right for them.

We brought in one of our illustrators to establish a new illustration style that would be incorporated into everything from the marketing website, on-boarding, and product design. We created a series of characters and visual elements that would follow along with you through the on-boarding process.



Our work with Honest Dollar uncovered some users’ psychological barriers to their product, which we were then able to strategically address to help bring in new customers in their target market. This extended into our execution of design and content, which created a more accessible, easier-to-understand final product. We spun up a dedicated team to make sure we were deeply integrated in their process, building a solid relationship based on communication & commitment to the product and their core business objectives.